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Kragudür Clan

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Plan Card

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Our bodies, broken; Our minds, Shattered;
Our vengeance, Eternal.

“The Kragudür were lost to corruption. On the Day of Thunder, they were on the deepest mines, and could not escape. They were bound to the Thunderstone and its unchecked power brought on the madness. Their cities sprawled on the scars of the mountain and they grew into something monstrous.”

These dwarves live in the deepest parts of Utgard and have been affected by the raw power of the Thunderstone in a way others cannot begin to fathom…

For them, life is a struggle, and you either die a dwarf or live long enough to become something else entirely… Although sometimes even death is not enough to stop the spread of The Corruption.


Kragudür Clan
- miniatures




God Loki

Dice Tower


Crystallized Kragudür
Crystallizing Dwarf
Óri, the Old Monarch
Óri, the Old Monarch Throne
Crystal Golem
Kragudür Warlock
Translucent Crystal, Kragudür Princess
Kragudür Lurker
Crystal Claus’, Sadist Kragudür
Corrupted Kragudür
Kragudür Crystalomancer
Cod, No One’s Leader
Kragudür Chainer
Crystallized Giant Mole
Crystallized Giant Mole mout
Óri, the Old Monarch Bust
Translucent Crystal, Kragudür Princes Bust
Crystal Claus Sadist Kragudür Bust
Loki Totem
Kragudür Chest
Potion Shelf
Crystal Altar
Crystal Mine Pillar
Loki, God of Mischief
Giant’s Skull, Dice Tower
Rebirth Dragon Bracer
Loki, God of Mischief Statue
Bust Bases Fantasy
Giant’s Skull, Dice Tower One piece
Loki, God of Mischief Statue One piece